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Please Support the Future of US Farm-Raised Fish!

Help us continue our mission to create a self-sustaining, environmentally responsible future for Tropical & Ornamental species through regenerative agriculture & aquaculture farming!


The comprehensive model for our farm can help serve many purposes besides the needed production of ornamental fish. We can lead as an example for other aquarium fisheries, private or commercial farms & zoos that need self-sustaining living representation to emulate for environmentally responsible conservation and production of sustainable food within their own facilities.

The construction for the new hatchery is costly. Our family has always self-funded our farm & facilities through good old-fashioned hard work and dedication 7 days a week. But now, we are asking for your help! Your much needed contribution can help us speed up the completion of construction more rapidly.

Donations to this cause will create many more available ornamental & game fish species exclusively grown in the USA. The fish hatchery will also be able to provide natural resources of fresh food for the many endangered avian & waterfowl species raised here so there is never anything wasted. Our conservation & breeding program for our East African Crowned Cranes has gotten National recognition with our success so far with these birds & many more! We can make a difference in this world, especially with your help! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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