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Aquarium Gravel and Substrate

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Q: How much substrate do I need?

A: Use appx 1 pound per gallon of tank space for best results.  

Example: a 14.5lb bag would be enough for a 10 Gallon tank with a substrate thickness of about 2.5 inches deep.

Q: Can I mix my substrates?

A: Sure! There are no rules when it comes to being creative! Here’s a suggestion, try using other rocks/substrates/gravel & driftwood that will compliment the main substrate you’ve chosen.

Example: Build the main part of your base with CaribSea Super Naturals Gemstone Creek

Maybe use Sunset Gold to create a mysterious winding pathway that leads to another part of your exhibit.

While you’re at it, maybe line part of your path with larger stones such as Tricolor stack stone, or Belize rock 

or use driftwood to dam up higher areas of substrate. 

Try planting low growing Anubias, or Micro swords in nooks and crannies to make things more authentic.

Those that view your creation will see there is a story to be told in your aquascape. It allows the mind to think and dream. Build, create, and be daring. You got this!  Create your own special underwater world! If you get bored of it, then you simply re-invent it and change it up. That’s the beauty of this hobby. Everything you build is temporary, and can be improved on with your next build from your experience. There is so much to have fun with. So many different types of snails, crabs, fish, shrimp, plants, and regions of the world that can be reproduced to mimic nature. Enjoy.

Q: Im kinda embarrassed to say that we’re happily getting rid of our old fluorescent pink & blue gravel and taking your advice to build a more natural looking habitat for our fish. We are spending more time as a family hanging out and learning daily! Thanks for all the great info, helped a lot!

A: Hey! You had to start somewhere! We are excited for you! Let us know, if you need any help!

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