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Pond Aeration & Diffusers

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For years aeration was thought of as something you only needed if you had high fish loads in a pond. Through years of working closely with pond owners it has been proven that aeration does far more than just keep fish alive. In fact, we consider aeration to be the single most important step in maintaining a healthy pond. Without oxygen nothing will decompose. All the fish waste, dead algae/plant material, leaves, etc. that fall to the pond bottom will only continue to build up unless there is good oxygen levels to help it decompose. Shallow ponds where the sunlight reaches the bottom and wind action helps stir the water can have adequate oxygen to the bottom in some cases but deeper ponds will seldom have good oxygen all the way to the bottom. A bottom mounted air diffuser can make a huge difference in a ponds health by bringing oxygen and circulation down where its needed the most – along the pond’s bottom.


You know that your pond needs oxygen in the water so organisms can live of course, but you may not know that a still pond is only able to exchange gases at the water surface. A still pond will also only support a very small fish population. Any pond not only needs to absorb oxygen from the air but it also needs to release carbon dioxide and other gases as well. Hydrogen sulfide is a gas that is produced by anaerobic (without oxygen) bacteria, breaking down organic matter in the bottom of the pond. The pond bottom has less oxygen then the upper layers of the pond, especially if you have stone or gravel in the bottom of your pond. Anaerobic bacteria work in the absence of oxygen and cause a septic condition in the bottom of the pond.

When you spray water through a fountain, a water pump or when your water is moving through a stream or over a waterfall you are increasing this surface that is exposed to the atmosphere many times. Harmful gasses are released to the atmosphere and oxygen absorbed very easily. You definitely want to circulate the water in the deepest part of the pond in order to help with the break down of organic compounds, therefore providing better water quality! During warm weather, draw water from the bottom of the pond to expose it to the atmosphere. When you expose the bottom of the pond to oxygen rich water you will have aerobic (uses oxygen) bacteria breaking down the organics. This will reduce foul odors in the pond, which are caused by anaerobic bacteria action.

Oxygen is absorbed only through the surface of water, and so the next issue we run into is having too many plants in a pond. If the entire surface is covered with water lilies or other surface plants, very little gas exchange can take place unless there is a large fountain or waterfall. You may think that adding more underwater plants will add oxygen to the water? While underwater plants will help add oxygen to the pond during the daylight it will use up the available oxygen at night the same as other life in the pond. It is possible to have too much hornwort, anacharis or other underwater plants in a pond. Underwater plants, such as anacharis, are important to the pond but their function is to use up nutrients to starve out the algae.

The hotter the water the less oxygen it can hold. So, cold water holds much more oxygen. If your fish spend a lot of time at the surface sometimes gulping air or you have noxious odors coming from your pond then you most likely do not have enough circulation. You may want to consider adding an aeration pump that will greatly increase the gas exchange with the water!

In hot weather a water pump failure can lead to an expensive fish kill very quickly, but by having a 2nd pump running or an aeration pump you greatly decrease the chance of having a major loss of fish. Even if you don’t keep it in operation, having an aerator as a backup in case your main pump fails can save your fish and allot of deaths. If your water pump fails in hot weather you may only have a few hours if your pond is heavily stocked with fish. The use of an aerator is critical in the balance and harmony of a happy pond. Along with the proper amount of microbial bacteria, an aerator will eliminate messy algae blooms quickly. The aeration systems we offer for sale on our site are systems we use ourselves, our customers love them, and that is why we offer them to you. If you need any additional help putting together the right system for your pond or lake, please feel free to contact our water consulting line at 520-971-1357 THANK YOU


Linear & Diaphram Systems are for Ponds under 1/4 acre, Shallow water or smaller pond systems

Rocking Piston Systems are for Ponds 1/4 to four acres, Deep water or long run systems

Rotary Vane Systems are for pond or lakes 1/2 to 6 acres, or larger ponds under 18 feet deep.

Windmill & Solar Aeration Systems are ideal for Ponds up to 4 acres where electricity is not available, powered by Mother Nature

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