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2 Watt .3 CFM Output Ornamental Pond Aerator/Deicer

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Small Pond Aerator

  • Continuous duty aeration system is ideal for both summer time aeration and winter time deicing
  • Powered by a long lasting, super quiet air compressor that costs only pennies per month to operate!
  • 115 volt compressor draws only 2 watts and will operate up to 4′ deep
  • Compressors on EPA1 aerators need to be protected from the weather
  • Kit includes compressor, 30′ vinyl tubing and air diffuser

Additional Information

Pond Size:  800 gallons or less
Voltage: 115v
Watts: 2 Watts
Maximum Air Flow: (CFM) .3
Maximum Depth:  4′
Owners Manual: EPA1, EPA2 and EPA4 Instruction Manual