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AAG Platinum Premium Organic Floating Pond Protein Food

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Small pellet ideal for smaller/younger fish or for community pond w asstd species like koi, tilapia, catfish, bluegill, bass

Large pellet ideal for larger fish such as older koi, bass, catfish etc.

AAG Platinum Premium Organic Floating Pond Food is our very own blended azgardens Bulk Pond Food!  This isan all-natural and organic year round formula.

Sold in a 10 lb. reuseable 2 gallon plastic bucket with lid that consists of your choice of 2 common floating pellet foods.  This is a GMO – FREE, high in amino acids & B complex vitamins, and packed full of micro-nutrients. These pellets are high in protein made specifically to build stronger and healthier fish. A balanced diet for all pond fish include crappie, bluegill, bass, trout, koi, goldfish, turtles etc.

Floating pellets are more desirable for fish and by aquaponic growers.

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38% Protein 5ml floating LARGE pellet (pictured), 40% Protein 2ml floating SMALL pellet