Acurel Cut-to-Fit Carbon Pollutant Reducing Pad

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The Acurel Cut-to-Fit Carbon pollutant Reducing Pad helps remove water discoloration, odor, toxins and pollutants and helps trap other fish waste. Using small carbon bits, the Acurel Carbon Reducing Pad helps pull harmful toxins and other pollutants from your aquarium or pond.

These pads help improve water quality which helps improve and maintain healthy fish. The Carbon Pollutant Reducing Pad also helps remove excess food and waste from your aquarium or pond.

  • Helps purify water.
  • Helps remove free-floating waste and debris.
  • Helps remove toxins
  • For Freshwater or Marine Use
  • Used with Virtually any Filter that requires a Filter Pad.

Each package comes with 1 pad measuring 10″ x 18″ that easily cuts with household scissors.

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