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API Furan-2

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The API Furan-2 comes equipped with 10 packets and provides the medication you need to eradicate your fish of ailments that have been slowing them down.

The medication is contained in a multiple layer foil packets, and it is measured beforehand to ensure best results. Its multiple layers means it can treat a wide variance of fish disease, including a variety of bacterial diseases that are often found in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

This medicine is easy to dispense; simply remove the carbon or filter cartridge, place one packet in per 10 gallons of water, and repeat the dosage 24 hours later.  After another 24 hours has passed, then you should change the aquarium water, and repeat the treatment for a second time. Then a make another 25% water change and add the fresh carbon or replace the filter cartridge and your fish should be good to go, though you can repeat the treatment if need be.  This product treats up to 100 gallons of water.