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Aquarium Filter – Hang-on-Back Filter Marineland Penguin Pro 125 Filter



Filter – Hang-on-Back Filter Marineland Pro 125 Power Filter

Marineland Penguin Pro 125 Filter

Flow control up to 125 GPH

If we didnt love this filter, our farm would not sell it. These are great right out of the box and operating within a minute. Sweet self-priming feature, no issues with clumsy parts and the cover is clipped on, not just resting on, like other brands. You could easily use these filters on a 15 gallon aquarium and turn your entire water volume more than 8 times an hour! Use on any sized aquarium w/ a heavier fish population, this filter can handle the waste volume and keep your tank healthy!

Decoupled motor produces sounds less than 40 db. Flow control, media basket, mid-level intake, additional media slot. Uses existing filter cartridges with superior carbon. Improved Bio-Wheel to ensure constant spinning. Filters your aquarium with flow control up to 125 GPH.