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AquaTop In-Line UV Sterilizer 10W – IL10UV

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AQUATOP easy to install In-Line Ultraviolet Sterilizers.  They maximize UV exposure in a compact hang on unit. The IL10-UV series has many functions and is suitable for both fresh and saltwater use.  It sterilizes water and clarifies providing healthy and clear water for your sea based creatures to thrive in.

Connect it to a power head, water pump or on the return line of a canister filter. This includes a replaceable UV-C Lamp and barbed fittings. With a max flow on 211 GPH, a Volt/Freq: 110-120V/60Hz and a cable length of 70” this will accommodate most setups.

In line UV sterilizers are a perfect add on for traditional canister filters. Just plug into the tube and you have the latest UV sterilizer built into your aquarium system.

If you are not familiar with a sterilizer you may want to know how it works.  The basics are that the water in your aquarium is exposed to UV-C light which is a germicidal grade light.  Resulting in cleaner water you can really see.  As an added bonus this reduces cleaning times.

This can be integrated into virtually any filtration line. You will need to select the appropriate size barbed fittings (includes 3 sizes 5/8″ -3/4″ -1″) for your return line tube size, and then insert the tube into the fitting. AQUATOP recommends cleaning the quartz sleeve with vinegar and water during every bulb change (10 Watts).  Shipping weight is 2.65 lbs and we do offer air and ground shipping.