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AquaTop PH-8 Aquarium Powerhead w/ UV3 Submersible UV Lamp Combo

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AQUATOP PH-8 Power Head comes with a UV-3 Submersible UV Lamp Combo that is fully submersible.

This takes care of green algae that may be floating in your tank while running quietly.  Don’t let your waters be still as this created movement will increase aeration.  Use in brackish, fresh or salt water.

Kill pathogens that are disease causing as well as control the floating micro organisms that may be roaming in your tank.  As water is pumped through these units with a compatible pump / power head (not included), the UV lamp clarifies and sterilizes the water, providing you with clear healthy water.

Simply attach one of AQUATOP’s Compatible Pumps that are constructed for high strength/ Power Heads (not included) to the top of the Submersible UV Lamp. Submerge the compact assembly directly into you aquarium or sump and power on the units. The power head will take water into the bottom, running it by the UV Lamp to sterilize the water before it exits.

  • 158 gallons per hour flow rate
  • 8 Watt pumping power
  • Voltage: 120V / 60Hz
  • UV-3 DIMENSIONS: 8.5″ High x 1.75″ Diameter