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Aquarium Heater – Aquatop Submersible Titanium Heater

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Aquatop Submersible Titanium Heater

Available in:

400 watt – comes w/ controller

500 watt – controller sold separately

800 watt – controller sold separately

Aquatop’s TH-C series of fully submersible titanium heaters with controller offers a compact design for versatile placement and are extremely durable thanks to the tough titanium heating element construct. Temperature range is 68F – 92F, and each unit uses a separate temperature probe to help ensure even temperature readings.

With a sleek-looking titanium design AQUATOP’s THC series heaters are fully submersible titanium heaters with a controller that is sturdy and very user friendly. The compact design lets you place the THC aquarium heater just about anywhere in your tank and it’s virtually unbreakable due to its titanium heating element construct. All units in the TH-C Series have a remote sensor that can be placed away from the titanium-heating element to ensure a correct and accurate temperature throughout your aquarium. The remote external thermostat has an easy-to-read temperature indicator and makes it easy to adjust the temperature setting without getting your hands wet.

NOTE: This heater will not work without a controller on 500 & 800 watt models.

These titanium heaters are built to last and are effectively indestructible when compared to standard glass aquarium heaters. The heating element provides stable temperatures for aquatic creatures and eliminates harmful temperature swings.  Does not have a controller or a probe. We offer the AquaTop DDC-800 Electronic Heater Controller sold separately.

Well suited for both fresh and saltwater aquariums
Capacity: 140 to 270 gallons
Length: 16.25″

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400Watt, 500Watt, 800Watt, AquaTop DDC-800 Electronic Heater Controller

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