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Aquarium Filter - Hang-on-Back Filter AquaTop UV Sterilizing Pump SP7-UV

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The AquaTop UV Sterilizing Pump SP7-UV filter uses a submersible top-mounted pump to draw water past its high output (126 gallons per hour flow rate) and compact UV Bulb (7 watt). This includes a pre-filter to mechanically filter organic waste before water passes over the U.V. Bulb.  This pump is designed for both salt water and fresh water use and is used for eradicating and controlling free-floating micro-organisms and reduces disease causing pathogens.  It is perfect for any aquarium up to 75 gallons and has voltage and power of 120V / 60Hz.

AAG Nurseries has used this product in a few tanks here, a 20Gal, and a couple 125 Gal tanks with remarkable results to clear green water quickly!  Installed in a few minutes, didn’t even read the instructions, and by the next day, you could see that the green water was going away!

The best thing about this system is that it requires no special plumbing and is easy to use and maintain. It can be placed in a tank, water garden or in a sump which offers a great flexibility in arrangement.  Simply place the SP7-UV directly into your tank or sump system up to the waterline. The built in pump will draw water in, running it past the 7 watt UV bulb.  The dimensions are 10″ high, 3″ wide (with stand), and 2.5″ deep (with stand). The independent power switch for UV light will give you better control of sterilization producing crystal clear water.