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Arcadia T5 HO LED Replacement Lamp 46" (for 48" Fixtures) 54W (equivalent) Freshwater Pro 8000K



This Arcadia T5 HO LED Replacement Lamp 46″ (for 48″ Fixtures) 54W (equivalent) Freshwater Pro 8000K is a direct replacement for 54W, 46″ T5 HO lamps for 48″ T5 HO Fixtures. It’ll fit right into your fixture with two pin connectors on each side, just like a T5 lamp. No extra ballast or connector to worry about.

This lamp only uses 18 watts of electricity, but the output is the same as a new 54 watt T5 HO lamp. Over time it will be comparatively brighter because it will not lose intensity like a T5 lamp. It will also not shift spectrum. Even in areas with low electricity costs this lamp will pay for itself in just one year. That is, if you compare the cost of a typical T5 HO lamp plus one years’ electricity cost to the cost of this lamp and one year of electricity, it will be the same. However, you will not need to replace this lamp after one year. It’s warrantied for 2-years and the expected life is 5-years.

The Freshwater Pro 8000K lamp has an even daylight look, and is appropriate for freshwater aquariums. Use in conjunction with the Tropical Pro lamps for freshwater planted aquariums.

Replaces 46″ 54W T5 HO lamps
Lower power consumption. Only uses 18 watts.
Due to electricity cost savings the lamp will pay for itself in one year (factoring in the comparative cost of a T5 HO lamp)
Pleasant shimmer effect
Reduced heat. Much less heat than T5 HO lamps.
Fits into fixtures just like a T5 HO bulb
Even daylight look for freshwater aquariums
2-year warranty