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Beneficial Bacteria - Renew Pond & Lake Professional-Grade Pond Bacteria



Renew Pond & Lake

Boost the natural nitrification cycle
Reduce ammonia build-up
Improve overall beauty and odor of the pond
Best Suited & Safe for:
Zoological Aquatic Exhibits, Livestock & Exotic Animal Water Troughs. Garden Ponds, Fishing Ponds,  Fountains, Retention Ponds, Koi ponds, Water Gardens, Farm Ponds, Golf course Ponds, Pass-thru Ponds.

Professional-Grade Beneficial Bacteria

Professional-Grade Beneficial Bacteria

The Go-To Pond Rebalancer for Pond Professionals
An extra-strength, special formulation of beneficial bacteria, our Professional-Grade Beneficial Bacteria is designed to give pond professionals an all-in-1 natural remedy for imbalanced ponds. The 8-strain blend of bacillus and rhodopseudomonas are equipped to handle nutrient overloads, ammonia and toxic gas, and other issues associated with both troublesome old ponds and freshly-stocked ponds.

Dosing Specifications
Follow the protocol below, based on the size of your pond or water garden. Pour the liquid solution evenly throughout the pond. Follow the nearest dosing to your own pond’s size.

One 16oz Bottle treats 10,000k Gallons

1 Gallon (120oz) treats 80,000 Gallons

Repeat Monthly for best Results especially during Warmer months. More frequent dosing is always better!


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16oz Liquid, 1 U.S. Gallon