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Betta Care Kent Marine Betta Fish Bowl Essential - 2oz

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Kent – Betta Bowl Essential

The Kent Marine Betta Fish Bowl Essential will help combat against damaging chlorine, and it also gives necessary ions to fish and plants.  What’s more, it is a perfect component to add to tap water when you are preparing water changes.

This product is easy to use, as all you have to do is change half of the water bowl every week.  Then add 1 cap full (5ml), or you can even go up to a quart of tap water and use that for water changes.

Your bettas and plants will be thankful that you add this formula of nutrients, conditioners and minerals to their home!  We recommend using it weekly.

Considerations for use: Betta Bowl Essential contains a special formula of nutrients, conditioners and minerals developed specifically for small bowls containing bettas and plants. The use of this product on a weekly basis and during water changes restores substances that are absorbed by these organisms. Kent Betta Bowl Essential can be added to purified or tap water to ensure a proper balance of nutrients and minerals for the establishment and maintenance of healthy fish and plants.

Precautions: Not for human consumption. For ornamental/aquarium fish use only. Keep out of reach of children!

2 floz (59.2 ml)