Cory – Black Diamond Hastatus Cory Catfish

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Cory – Black Diamond Hastatus Cory Catfish

Corydorus hastatus

Size: up to 1/2″
pH: 6 – 8
dH: 2 – 25
Temp: 72 – 86 F

Tis is the rarest of the rare and limited availability! We generally sell out quickly! We have plenty for everyone, for the time being.  These South American fish hail from the western Amazon River basin in eastern Ecuador and Loreto, Peru. These are a small, mid-water swimming cory. They thrive best in schools or colonies. Like other corys, these fish are also bottom feeders. They should be kept in environments with no less than a dozen other corys. They love being in groups of other fish and should be kept in dynamic environments with plenty of hiding places.  Get ’em while they’re in stock!!!  Enjoy!!

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