Filter Media – Boyd’s Chemi-Pure Elite Filter Media

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Chemi-Pure helps you enjoy your aquarium without worrying about water changes. This product is excellent at stabilizing high water. Similiar to the Original Chemi-Pure, this new formula adds ferric oxide to the original compound to help remove phosphates and silicates. Many customers enjoy fewer necessary water changes when they use Chemi-Pure. Its ability to sustain and stabilize high water quality over longer periods makes it quite popular with discus and reef keepers.

Use one 11.74 oz Chemi-Pure Elite pouch, already packed in filter bag, for up to 50 gallons. Remains active 4-6 months.


Use one 46.98 oz Chemi Pure Elite pouch for up to 175 – 200 gallons

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11.74 oz pouch up to 50 gallons, 46.98 oz up to 175-200 gallons

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