Pleco – Broken Line Royal Pleco Algae Fish

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The Jumbo Royal Broken Line Pleco Algae Fish is not only stunning, but also very easy to care for if you abide by a few tips. First, do not treat the water with medications, or at least a very minimal amount. Also, these fish need proper diet care, or else risk putting this fish in danger of intestinal disease. As a slow growing fish, they are sensitive to both sudden changes in water chemistry and can also suffer easily from malnutrition. Always feed them a diet of high-fiber foods and algae. Feeding them New Life Spectrum Wafers and supplement with frozen or fresh spinach leaf, will keep them strong. They also have a great disposition.

  • Size: up to 15 inches (but could take many years) typical grown in smaller tanks about 6″
  • Temp: 74-79F
  • pH: 6.5-7.5 kH 6-10
  • Origin: Rivers of Venezuela, South America
  • Food: Some Green Hair or Filamentous Algae, Algae on Glass, Plants and Rocks. Supplement with New Life Spectrum “Community Formula” or “H20 Stable Wafers” found at Fish Foods

Variations in skin, depending on foods used.
Color enhancing foods will brighten skin to a yellow tone.
New Life Spectrum Foods will naturally color out your fish!

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