Goby – Bumble Bee Freshwater Goby

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Bumble Bee Freshwater Goby

Brachygobius xanthozonus

The Bumble Bee Goby originated from India, Thailand and Asia. The Bumble Bee Goby is a peaceful and quiet fish that can be kept in either a freshwater or brackish water aquarium.

Growing up to 2 inches, the diet of this fish consists of freeze dried bloodworms,  live worms, crickets, brine shrimp, daphne and small pelleted fish foods. This fish species scan be territorial towards fish of the same kind, so it is wise to keep it in larger schools to avoid any aggressive behavior. The Bumble Bee Goby requires a 1-1.5% addition of salt for best health. For every 10 gallons of water, add up to 7.5-11 tsp. of salt.

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