Cobalt Aquatics Super Pellet Premium Grade Carbon

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Cobalt Aquatics Super Pellet Premium Grade Carbon

Blend-Tech Super Pellet is a high-capacity, long-lasting pelletized activated carbon perfect for use in all aquariums. Will absorb pollutants to clarify water and remove odors.

Powerful and Rechargeable Organic Removing and Ion Exchange Resins

Cobalt Aquatics’ Total Freshwater is the ultimate in broad spectrum water purification media for freshwater aquariums. A powerful combination of Total Organics, Total Nitrate and Total Softener, this is our strongest all-in-one freshwater media blend. By removing dissolved organics, Total Freshwater removes colors and odors. Combined with powerful ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and metal removing resins, it is a complete stand-alone chemical filtration system. Will not release bound materials when exhausted. ONLY FOR USE IN FRESHWATER.

Will treat the following aquariums for up to 3 months:

7.5 oz – up to 125 gal
12 oz – up to 225 gal
20 oz – up to 400 gal
* Use 12 oz for each additional 100 gal

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