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Cobalt Aquatics Total Softener



Cobalt Aquatics Total Softener

Blend-Tech Freshwater Softener is a regenerable water softening resin perfect for use with all fish requiring soft water. Can be regenerated more than 200 times for long-term value.

Rechargeable Hardness Removing Resin

Cobalt Aquatics’ Total Softener is the premier choice for lowering hardness in tropical fish and ornamental shrimp tanks. Excellent for use in canister or in-tank filters, it can also be used in dedicated media reactors or to treat water in large volume storage containers. In addition to water softening, Total Softener removes ammonium present in acidic water to help reduce nitrite and nitrate production. Made of highly durable resin, Total Softener can be regenerated many times, increasing value and long-term use. Will not release bound material when exhausted. ONLY FOR USE IN FRESHWATER.

Will treat the following aquariums for up to 3 months:

8.5 oz – up to 125 gal
14.5 oz – up to 225 gal
23.5 oz – up to 400 gal
* Use 14.5 oz for each additional 100 gal

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