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Colored or Clown Mantis Shrimp

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We generally have a temporary wait from week to week on this species as we only get a limited number to offer the US each week. If you order now, your order will ship in the order we get it. There might be a week or 2 wait, or there may not be one, every week is different. This is the nature of the perishable aquatics industry.   If you are patient and understanding, you will always get an email when it leaves the farm. We appreciate everyone being patient! Since the start of the Covid pandemic, Arizona Aquatic Nurseries has been one of the most reliable sources for tropical fish, aquatic plants, pond fish, and gamefish in the US, however, we are human ran, every fish must be collected and bagged by hand. Most of the items within our site are readily available at our farm each week and we will do everything we can to keep America stocked up w aquatics! Some items are imports and may have periodic delays from time to time. Please be sure to read our Shipping Schedule page so you can better understand the entire process and the potential delays on certain species of livestock from time to time. A little extra thoughtful consideration during this time is appreciated, everyone’s orders will be shipped, we are shipping 100’s of orders of live animals weekly to happy customers. We are catching up each week by streamlining our operations. If you cannot wait, please do not place your order. Our farm sells to just about every single zoological society, botanical garden, and University in the USA since 1987 without complaint. We are America’s Trusted Aquatic Farm. Stay Safe friends!    thank you


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