Comet Sarasa Fantail Goldfish in Assorted Colors

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  • Care Level: Easy
  •     Temperament: Peaceful
  •     Temp: 32-95° F
  •     KH 2-12
  •     pH 6.8-8.2
  •     Max. Size: 1′ 2″
  •     Color Form: Orange, Red, White
  •     Diet: Omnivore
  •     Origin: China
  •     Family: Cyprinidae

Sarasa Fantail Goldfish are an ideal long term Goldfish!  They display a very bright red and white pattern (usually referred to as Blue) on a shorter, rounded body with a wide, flowing fantail.  Other colors may include, Black & Red, Solid Black, Solid White, & Calico.

The reds of Sarasa Fantail Goldfish are generally deeper and more vibrant than the reds of most other goldfish which give them a stunning appearance!

Sarasa Fantails can be kept in combination with Koi, Butterfly Koi and other types of Goldfish, however, take care when mixing large Koi and Butterfly Koi with smaller Sarasa Fantail Goldfish.

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