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Coralife Aquarium Bio Balls

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The Coralife Aquarium Bio Balls help let you maintain a larger than normal biological load in a much smaller filter area. The unique geometric design of our once inch bio-ball creates a large increase in surface area. These bio-balls are ideal for sump systems, refugiums, biological filters, canister filters and much more! One gallon of our bio-balls (roughly 300 balls) has a combined surface area of 21.5 square feet, and supports from 45-60 gallons of aquatic life.

Available in a 1-gallon box and also in a beautiful reusable 5-gallon bucket. Please let us know which you want. Default is a box if not indicated.

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1 Gallon Box 225 Balls, 5 Gallon Bucket appx 1,125 Balls