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Crab - Japanese Godzilla Crab - Gaetice depressus

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Japanese Godzilla Crab
Gaetice depressus

aka: Giant Thai Devil Crab

native to: Japan

Natures natural filter crab. The subtropical, intertidal crab Gaetice depressus is an omnivorous freshwater to brackish scavenger capable of ingesting both animal & plant tissues which are passed to the mouth using the chelipeds. The mouth-parts themselves are modified and bear elongated setae notably on the third maxillae. The net-like structures which the setae give rise to can be repeatedly flailed through the water in unison, enabling the crabs to feed on suspended materials. These crabs will appreciate both moving water and an area to be able to get above water. In an aquarium setting these crabs will prefer to perch on driftwood often peeking eyes just above water level while filter feeding the water of debris.

The crabs are also able to use the setose appendages to sweep waste, leftover foods, algae, from the substrate towards the mouth for nutritive purposes. A filter feeder & bottom scavenger, ideal for semi or full aquatic with proper habitat. stocking suggestion up to 1 per gallon as these crabs like to live in colonies, not solitary.

Godzilla Crabs are generally found in estuaries, inhabiting muddy flaps & sandy shorelines so this is why a powerhead may be the happy spot. Gaetice depressus has also been referred to as Tidal Cobble Crab. They generally come from Asia, found in places like Japan, Southern China and Hong Kong. Similar habitat as the of Sesarma bidens.

Their live span is roughly 2 years and they’ll take about 8 months to mature from birth.

The Godzilla crab has an extremely variable carapace coloration, ranging from cream to brown blotches all on a grey background.

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