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GloFish ® Danios Assortment Pack

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This price break give you assorted colors (growers choice), min purchase is 6.  Will come in a variety of beautiful neon colors including Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Purple (No color choosing).  The more you buy, the more colors you will get. These unique fish are a cross of the freshwater fish Danio with the brightest new breakthroughs. The vibrant colors are not dyed, but occur naturally as they are inherited from their parents. The GloFish are especially vibrant and cool to look at when blacklights or actinic bulbs are installed in your tank. This creates a beautiful night show for children. The original generations were genetically enhanced as embryos to help detect environment pollutants and scientific research. All of the fish today are born with the natural amazing vibrant colors. The hues are produced by a fluorescent protein gene which is usually seen in marine organisms such as jellyfish.

The GloFish are one of the easiest fish to take care of, similar to the standard Danio. For best results, keep the GloFish with other peaceful inhabitants in schools. They have an omnivore diet which may include flake, pellets, or freeze dried blood worms.

GloFish can only be purchased in the USA! Unfortunately we do not ship to California or outside the USA. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Minimum quantity for “GloFish ® Danios Assortment pack” is 6