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Discus – Hi Fin Cobalt Discus


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Purchase excellent quality 2″ discus at the lowest prices on the planet from

This is an opportunity to try your hand at raising beautiful Discus for a fraction of the cost you’d pay at the pet shop! No disappointments with these fish! We are trying to keep the price of Discus affordable so you can enjoy this hobby without emptying your wallet. Discus aren’t made of gold, so the pricing shouldn’t reflect the cost of gold.

Forget all the hype about how hard discus are to keep. Why not try some today and give it a try? Discus aren’t any harder to keep than cardinal or neon tetras and in fact do very well in the same water as long as water isnt less than 79 degree, the main issue is that if you lose a $2.99 fish, you just think “whatever”, but if you lost a $50 or $100 fish, then that really stinks and hurts. So, we are offering our discus for you to try out and judge for yourself.

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Shipping size currently around 2″+
NO Minimum quantity for “Hi Fin Cobalt Discus”

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