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Kent Iron & Manganese Freshwater Plant Supplement



-A liquid supplement of iron, potassium, manganese & other micronutrients!
-Quickly replenish iron & manganese to help spur saltwater macro-algae growth!
-Use in your freshwater aquarium to encourage healthy growth of aquatic plants!

Replenish Iron & Manganese quickly for healthy aquatic plant growth.

Kent Marine Iron & Manganese contains iron, manganese, potassium and other micronutrients in an easy-to-dose liquid supplement. Chelated iron & manganese stays in solution longer to provide lasting nutrient benefits to macro-algae, coral, & freshwater plants without undesirable algae growth.

16 oz treats 4,700 gallons.
Suggested Use: Add 5ml (1 tspn) per 50 gallon of aquarium water each week or 8 drops each day.

This product does not contain ingredients that cause undesirable algae growth!