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Nitrate Remover - Seachem Laboratories de nitrate Nitrate Remover




1. Removes nitrates, nitrites, ammonia and organics.

2. High porosity biological media.

3. No danger of hydrogen sulfide production as with sulfur based media.

Compatible Filter Type: Canister Filter; Sumps, Box Filters, HOBs, or just hide it behind or under a rock or driftwood.

Compatible Tank size: 200 Gallons

Seachem Laboratories de nitrate Nitrate Remover

Natural nitrate removing aquarium filter media boosts denitrification
* Porous aquarium filter media supports anaerobic denitrifying bacteria
* Dual action biological filter media great for aerobic AND anaerobic bacteria

Promote complete nitrification to naturally remove ammonia, nitrites, AND nitrates. Seachem De-Nitrate Nitrate Removal Media feature a unique pore structure similar to live rock that supports both beneficial aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Ammonia and nitrite removing aerobic nitrification occurs on the outer surface while nitrate removing anaerobic denitrification occurs at the core. Employ low flow rate for natural nitrate removal or use with aquarium filters with higher flow rates for aerobic nitrification.

Great biological filter media for use with saltwater marine aquariums or freshwater aquariums. 2 L/800 grams Seachem De-Nitrate Nitrate Removal Media treats approximately 100 gallons, depending on nitrate levels.

Product #: 67101380
Mfg Part #: 138