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Laguna Floating Plant Basket Pond Planter



Laguna Floating Plant Basket Pond Planter

* Floating plant baskets for ponds and water gardens
* Great for pre-formed ponds or ponds without planting shelves
* A quick and easy way to increase seasonal pond plantings

Laguna Transforms ponds with no planting shelves into breathtaking water gardens!  Simply pot these durable fabric plant baskets with a diverse selection of plants and secure in place using the anchoring loop.  Versatile plant baskets increase planting options and provide additional shade and protection for fish.

Laguna 10″ Floating Plant Basket (PT974)
Laguna 13.75″ Floating Plant Basket (PT975)


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Laguna 10" Floating Plant Basket (PT974), Laguna 13.75" Floating Plant Basket (PT975)

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