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Lee's Ultra Gravel Vacuum



This is the same gravel vac we use on our own tanks at the hatchery!  Lee’s new Ultra Gravel Vac Self-Start Siphon feature has made aquarium maintenance a whole lot easier! With the Gravel Vacuum cylinder submerged in the water, simply move it up and down a few times to activate the Self-Start Siphon, or just suck on the end for a second to start the flow, either way, it works, its efficient, and it is required for regular maintenance of your tank.Many aquarists still think that doing water changes by removing water off the water column is effective, but its not.  You should remove water through the gravel which not only removes waste and debris, but also helps to remove harmful gases that build up in the gravel bed.

Available in the 3 sizes most commonly used here at Arizona Aquatic Gardens:

Medium- 2” x 10” Vac

Large-2” x 16” Vac

Extra Lg-2” x 24” Vac

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