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Mag Driver Pumps



Mag Driver Pumps are energy efficient, as they actually use less than half the electricity of pumps with similar flow.
These pumps are oil free, and should be used for submersible or inline only. They only have one moving part, and there are not any motor seals, which are nice, because seals are often the place that start to disintegrate or where leaks stem from.
This pump also allows for directional flow outlet for any type of alignment.

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250/GPH Pump #728065, 350/GPH Pump #728070, Driver 500/GPH Pump #728060, 700/GPH Pump #728072, 950/GPH Pump #728062, 1200/GPH Pump #728050, 1800/GPH Pump #728080, 2400/GPh Pump #728085