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MGN24 MATALA – Half Sheet – Green



MGN24 MATALA – Half Sheet – Green

Matala is available in four different densities for various types of filtration.

  • Black: Very coarse, open weave – good for high flow applications
  • Green: Coarse, semi-open weave – allows good flow yet filters well
  • Blue: Medium, fairly dense weave – traps a lot of debris, medium flow
  • Gray: Fine, dense weave – lower flow but thorough filtration

For best results mix layers of Matala using a coarse layer first for large solids removal followed by denser layers for fine debris. Due to its unique material design, Matala media is much more rigid than traditional polyester media. This makes it easier to clean but does not allow it to be rolled up like other media.

Additional Information

Case Quantity 10
Weight 5