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Milwaukee Instruments pH Tester, pH55 Waterproof Dual Level Temperature Meter



“This pH tester is Sweet!”

Milwaukee Instruments PH55 pH Waterproof Dual Level Temperature Meter, Pocket-Size, -2.0 DegreeC to 16.0 DegreeC Temperature Range, 0.1pH Resolution, 38 mm Diameter

Simple, Easy to use!  No nonsense!

The Milwaukee Instruments pH Tester, pH55 is a waterproof micro-processor meter that has a  pen style design and a replaceable clog resistant electrode designed for the aquarium market. The Milwaukee pH Tester comes complete with a battery and one each of the 20 ml pH 7.01 & 20 ml pH 4.01calibration solution. This meter will quickly and accurately test the aquarium water pH levels. For first use, hold the sensor end in the calibration solution. For freshwater, use the 7.01 calibration solution. Acid water systems will use the 4.01 calibration solution and the saltwater aquariums will use the 10.01 calibration solution. Once done, use the screwdriver to change the pH to 7.0 and then check your water. Keep the meter wet and do not use RO or distilled water to calibrate your pH meter.

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