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Food – New Life Spectrum Ultra Red

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New Life Spectrum Ultra Red   ONE OF OUR FAVORITE FOODS!!!!

The color red has always been a powerful one and, in a freshwater aquarium at least, it can truly dominate the scenery in the best way possible. So if you can encourage its vibrancy and growth, you should take that opportunity whenever it comes up. That’s what the New Life Spectrum Ultra Red formula is for: it helps red fish exhibit their color potential, while staying hormone-free and non-polluting. So you can keep your aquarium clean, your fishes happy, and the color as red as possible.

This food is most excellent for ALL fish and Shrimp of every color.  It will make blue fish deeper and more vibrant, we have even used it on Gold Angelfish that turned them a deep Orange color as well as Gray fish that are not normally as vibrant blow up with natural colors! Excellent for Rainbowfish, Tetras, Goldfish, anything!!! All this while offering your animals a complete diet that is packed with Vitamin B complexes and Amino Acids to keep your fish very healthy!  It is one of our most favorite foods to offer our livestock! This should be your “go-to” fish food as part of a balanced complete diet!  Try supplementing with Freeze Dried Bloodworms 1x a week as well!

Slow Sinking pellets come in various pellet sizes to accommodate your fish.


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SMALL FISH FORMULA .5mm pellet 60gram/2.1oz

MEDIUM 1mm pellet 150gram/5.3oz



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Ultra Red .5mm Small Fish 60g 2.1oz, Ultra Red 1mm pellet 125g 4.4oz, Ultra Red 1mm pellet 150g 5.3oz, Ultra Red 2mm pellet Med Fish 125g 4.4oz, Ultra Red 1mm 2000g 70.5oz

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