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Parrot Cichlid - Panda Parrot Cichlid Freshwater Aquarium Fish


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Panda Parrots have a mottled or patchy black coloration on an all white body. The patterns & colorations in these fish is highly variable in every specimen. All the fish you receive will have a different pattern than the picture shown here. Color & patterns on any  every Parrot cichlid may change over time.

Panda Parrot Cichlid Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Amphilophus citrinellus.

pH: of 6.5 – 8
dH: of 5 – 10o
temp: 72 – 82F

Originally from South America, this fish is a man-made hybrid of Amphilophus citrinellus.

This stunning Panda Parrot Cichlid is a freshwater aquarium fish that will grow anywhere from 3 – 8” when full grown. Parrot Cichlids have become common throughout temperate regions of the United States. It appears to be a cross of a South American cichlid, a Central American cichlid, & a Red Devil. Originally orange in color, the colors have evolved to range anywhere from orange, to red, to purple. This is a natural colored Parrot unlike the Jellybean Parrots. We ship young fish that are around 2” in length and about 10 months old, no disappointments on these.  In stock!   Enjoy!

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