Pink Paddletail Eel


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Moringua raitaborua, Purple Spaghetti Eel
Size: Up to 17″

This intriguing Eel is extremely rare, so deserves the best attention we can give it! The Pink Paddletail Eel is very rare in the aquarium trade!
It is very shy so it will keep itself hidden and spend most of its time burrowed in a fine sand substrate. Those that have lunar or moonlights installed will help as this is a sure time to view your Eels. This is a ‘true’ eel as it is a member of the Moringuidae family of ‘worm eels or spaghetti eels. It can get rather long, but true to its name its body is long, thin, and ‘spaghetti’-like. Its head is so small that it is hard to tell it from the rest of the body plus it’s eyes are covered with skin. Dont let this macro lens pic fool you into thinking this is a large Eel. It is more of a dwarf Eel, similar to that of the Glass Eels. They are very small, and although you might not think it, an 8″ Pink Paddle Eel can curl up in the palm of your hand.

The name Pink Paddletail refers to the color but also its fins. The dorsal and anal fins are toward the back end but are more like “folds”. They are joined with the caudal fin giving it a paddle type extension on the back.

This eel is a carnivore but due to its small head and mouth it is no threat to most tankmates in a community aquarium. Also rather than being a saltwater fish like most other Eels, the Purple Spaghetti Eel primarily Inhabits estuaries (the tidal mouth of rivers flowing into the ocean). It will do well in a slightly brackish aquarium and in a fully freshwater environment as well.

Having a colony of these Eels is awesome to watch at nighttime when they are moving against the front area of your aquarium searching for any debris or micro organisms to eat. This aquatic Eel is an awesome find.


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