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PSA5000 PSA5000 Axiom Skimmer

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PSA5000 PSA5000 Axiom Skimmer

Features Include:

  • Two chamber front-to back design – with pump chamber sitting behind the debris net instead of along side it
  • Two chamber design eliminates cutting filter pads to fit around the pump and plumbing
  • Adjustable overflow for adjusting finished pond level
  • One piece aluminium framed debris net for quick and easy cleaning
  • Dual factory installed 2″ spinweld bulkhead fittings for plumbing and overflow connections
  • Skimmers have a flange above the opening where water enters from the pond into the skimmer, allowing you to not only stack rocks along side but also above the skimmer opening
  • Stainless steel hardware for securing liner
  • 6″ water inlet

Compatible with:

  • SETS2 Extension tube for setting skimmer back from pond edge
  • PS1UV 36watt UV clarifer installed in skimmer
  • Molded faux rock PS1LID


Max Flow Rate 85gpm/5100 gph
Weir 6″
Dimensions 29″L x 19″W x 21″H
Shipping Notes Ships at UPS Dimensional rates
Recommended Flow Rate 60-76gpm (3600-4560gph)
Weight 35