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Barb Fish - Red Panda Barb Tropical Fish

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Latin syn: Haludaria fasciata, Cirrhinus fasciatus, Barbus fasciatus, Puntius fasciatus, Dravidia fasciata, Labeo melanampyx, Puntius (Barbodes) grayi, Puntius afasciatus

The Red Panda barb is a peaceful tropical freshwater cyprinid fish. It originates in inland waters in Asia and is found in peninsular India. It natively inhabits flowing rivers.

Red Panda Barbs or Melon Barbs live in a tropical climate in water with a 6.0 – 6.5 pH ideally and can also live in higher pH up to 7.9 just fine. Hard water is fine and a temps best at 72 – 79 °F.

This is an open water, substrate egg-scatterer and adults do not guard the eggs. It grows only to a length of about 2.4 inches.