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Sentinel Deluxe Aeration System - Complete PA50W system with cabinet

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PA50 Rotary Vane Pond Aeration System- 1/4 HP Kit with Poly Tubing

PA50 features:

  • 1/4 hp Stratus RV33 Rotary Vane compressor
  • Two valve manifold with pressure relief
  • Valved outlet with heat reducing hose and 1/2″ connections
  • Two QS2 Quick Sink self weighted dual head air diffusers
  • 200′ 1/2″ poly tubing
  • Approximately 2.2 cfm of air flow per diffuser
  • Typical operation cost of $1.31 per 24 hours at .09¢ per kWh, actual cost may vary
  • PA50 requires weather protection for the compressor

Aeration Kit for Ponds up to 2 acres
1 Year Warranty on Compressor
5 Year Warranty on Tubing and Diffusers


Tubing 200 ft 1/2″ poly
Horsepower 1/4 HP
Voltage 115v (add 2 behind part # for 230v)
Amps 5.0/2.5 amps
Maximum Air Flow 4.5 cfm
Maximum Depth 18′
Weight 65
In Aeration Acres Up to 2 acres