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SPA-1B Solar Aeration System – Up to One Acre

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SPA-1B Solar Aeration System – Up to One Acre


  • Attractive, 100% recycled plastic
  • One 2-valve adjustable aluminum manifold
  • 37cfm cooling blower
  • Programmable digital timer
  • Sound reduction package – 1″ ASTM certified acoustical foam


  • Back up for night or extended poor weather
  • Capacity 20 hours a day of operation
  • 4 hours of system down time required to fully replenish batteries

Solar Panel

  • 24v high efficiency
  • Top pole mount – panel size will vary depending on availability


Dimensions Cabinet Dimensions: 20″w x 24″l x 27″t
Tubing 100′ tubing – L5PVC1 & 500′ tubing – L5PVCR
Voltage 24v
Maximum Air Flow 1 CFM per Compressor
Maximum Depth 15′ Max Operating Depth
Weight 1
In Aeration Acres 1 Acre