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Strawberry Sunburst Peacock Firefish Cichlid



Aulonocara sp.
Size: up to 6″
pH:7.8 to 8.5
KH: 10 to 15o
Origin: Lake Malawi, Africa

Be one of the few to own a colony of these beautiful bright cichlids. These are not very common cichlids to see in this trade. Yes, they really get this red, the photo has not been enhanced. The Strawberry Peacock Cichlid originates from the Southern part of Lake Malawi and is a semi-aggressive omnivore. Provide about 3 to 5 females to every male in this species. The females have less color than males, as do all peaacocks. Females will hold eggs in her mouth (mouth-brood) for about 8-12 days. Their aquarium should be well-aquascaped with plenty of rocks to provide breeding grounds, hiding places, and to create territories. This species is simple to keep, and breed, but appropriate levels of salt and trace elements should be added to the aquarium to promote proper health.

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