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Tetra Cichlid Color Pellets Fish Food


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Tetra Cichlid Color Pellets Fish Food X-Large 7.48oz

This is a nice smaller pea-sized kibble that our larger fish have really enjoyed eating at the farm. Even small fish will devour this food and chase it for a while. This is a nutritionally balanced color enhancing diet designed for all tropical fish especially larger specimens such as Gourami, Flowerhorns and other cichlids, oh  they’re gonna love this food!

The color red has always been a powerful one and, in a freshwater aquarium at least, it can truly dominate the scenery in the best way possible. So if you can encourage its vibrancy and growth, you should take that opportunity whenever it comes up. Foods like these help red fish and fish other colors exhibit their color potential, while staying hormone-free and non-polluting. So you can keep your aquarium clean, your fishes happy, and colored out as much as possible.

Slow Sinking pellets come in various pellet sizes to accommodate your fish.