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Flowerhorn Cichlid – Titanium Thai Silk Flowerhorn Cichlid

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Cichlasoma X.

Thai Silk a.k.a Titanium Flowerhorn cichlids are beautiful and uniquely colored. These fish are highly colorful with a gorgeous bluish white coloration with eyes colored in cherry red. It’s the contrasting white-ish background coloration that makes the blues stand out. The Flowerhorn Cichlid is a more than ideal fish for those of you who are looking for a unique and rather large cichlid. This fish is great with other fish but not other flowerhorn because they become territorial when facing another one. They’re often friendly and also interested in its environment. Those who end up purchasing one of thses incredible fish fall in love. This hybrid of the Cichlid is one of the most stunning and eye catching results of cichlid interbreeding, and has introduced quite a stir in the aquarium hobby.

Titanium Thai Silk Flowerhorn Cichlid is one of our newest Flowerhorn types. These Titanium Thai Silk Flowerhorn Cichlids are breeder sized fish, and are shipped healthy and farm raised! All of our fish are fed the highest quailty foods.

Choose from assorted sizes, but hurry because these fish will not last.  These breeder fish always sell out quickly!

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Appx 2", Breeder Size Male, Breeder Size Female

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