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WC128 Concentrated Water Clarifier (flocculant) – 1 gallon

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WC128 Concentrated Water Clarifier (flocculant) – 1 gallon

  • Helps clear murky, turbid water by attracting suspended particles together, settling them to the bottom
  • Works great when used with Pond-Vive, the clarifier settles the problem particles to the bottom where they are consumed by the Pond-Vive
  • One gallon treats 250,000 gallons of pond water, ponds with high levels of suspended solids can be treated at double dosage or a second application
  • For best results mix recommended amount with pond water and spray evenly over pond surface


Case Quantity 4
Initial Dose 1 gallon to every 250000 gallons of pond water
Bottle Treats 250000 gallons of pond water
Weight 10


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