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Weco - Nox-Ich



Weco Nox-Ich for sale at America’s Trusted Source for Aquatics!

Yes! This is the same old stuff we used in our fish tanks in the 1970’s and the same label!

Nox-Ich is your answer to killing external parasites upon contact. It is especially effective against the common occurring parasite ICH. Add just one drop per gallon to eliminate unwanted visitors to your aquarium. Nox-Ich is also effective against Velvet Fin Rot Chilondonella Trichondina as well as many forms of fungi.

ICH (ichthyophthiriasis) is one of the most prevalent diseases of fish. It is caused by a microscopic single-celled protozoan that causes white spots in the skin and gills of the fish. Alteration of the protective skin of the fish by ICH allows opportunistic bacteria or fungi invasion and the fish can die from secondary causes. The best control of ICH is prevention. New plants or fish can easily introduce ICH to your aquarium or pond. An excellent preventative measure is to treat your water for Ich BEFORE adding new plants, fish or in the Spring when ICH is most prevalent. Raising your water temps gradually to 82 degrees F will generally avoid an Ich outbreak as this fish disease is more prevalent when water is colder.

You can use Nox-Ich to prevent or treat Ich. This product has a highly effective and proven malachite green for ich, this product also contains sodium chloride. Malachite green is a old heirloom remedy that has been used to successfully treat not only ich but ectoparasites (gill flukes) as well as bacteria and fungal infections.

For aquariums: 1 drop per gallon OR 1 teaspoon per 75 gallons.
TREAT for 3 consecutive days
For ponds: 1/4 cup treats 900 gallons

4 oz treats 2,200 gallons – 16 oz treats 7,200 gallons – 32 oz treats 14,250 gallons – 1 gallon treats 57,000 gallons

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