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Juvenile White Sturgeon & Black Diamond Sturgeon



YES! You found ’em! You probably won’t find sturgeon anywhere else for sale on the planet except here.

SIZE: Shipped at various sizes depending on time of year, but these will grow quickly initially depending on habitat size you place them in. We are one of the only reliable growers in the US with this fish with Russian bloodlines. Consider yourself lucky to get them at all. Due to new Fed laws we are not allowed to ship sturgeon more than 3″.

PLACEMENT:  This fish can be used in many applications from freshwater aquariums, brackish water aquariums to ponds and lakes. We grow these in both Brackish and Freshwater here. They will stay much smaller in an aquarium, but they can get to be a healthy size in an outdoor pool. Sturgeon thrive in cold water and do even better in freezing water but breeding and more action takes place in warm water. Our sturgeon in the indoor pools are just as happy as our outdoor Sturgeon, but obviously the outdoor sturgeon take on size much quicker.

Sturgeon are a more rare, caviar-producing fish with a small mouth and are quite a nice community fish that is harmless to other fish. In the aquarium they will swim all over the tank. They love to eat bloodworms, and high protein pellet foods. Sturgeon do best in schools or colonies and look amazing in groups in your tank. For those of you wanting to build a shark tank, this is about the closest thing to having a shark-like tank in your home. Sturgeon swim like sharks, as they almost always move, especially the front, yet they are gracious and peaceful and can be used as a community fish with other larger animals.

White Sturgeon or Acipenser transmontanus, are ancient giants found from Cook Inlet, Alaska to Ensenada, Mexico. They are the largest freshwater fish in North America and can weigh over 1,500 pounds and grow to over 20 feet in length! Sturgeon can easily live for over 100 years! They have been featured on Animal Planet’s River Monsters and many other shows,but they hardly qualify as a monster, in fact, Sturgeon don’t even have teeth! They are bottom-dwelling fish that detect prey with smell and highly sensitive nerve endings located on their four chin barbels. They use their long flexible lips to suck up prey. Juvenile sturgeon eat mainly crustaceans, insect larvae, and other small invertebrates.  Adults will enjoy shrimp, crabs, clams, and very small fish. Young sturgeon will grow rapidly during their first year, but in subsequent years their growth slows considerably. It takes 10 to 12 years for male white sturgeon to reach sexual maturation and 30-45 inches, while 12 to 16 years for females, 35 – 60 inches to sexual maturity.

White sturgeon fecundity increases with size. Large females can produce up to 200,000 eggs, but they only spawn every 2-4 years. Because of their late age of sexual maturity, infrequent spawning, and size-dependent fecundity, they are vulnerable to harvest pressures.

White sturgeon and other sturgeon hybrids for the live fish food market, aquarium & pond hobby, which can be used for caviar.  It takes around 7-8 years before a female sturgeon can produce eggs so don’t think you will be eating caviar too soon.

Other names for this species include Pacific Sturgeon, Oregon Sturgeon, Columbia Sturgeon, and Sacramento sturgeon.  The sturgeon frye when hatched, take live food and then must be converted to feed in a process that can take a toll on the number of survivals to juvenile stage. This has been one of the largest problems in the success of farming these animals.  Some of the most ideal water temps for growing Sturgeon are between 60 and 74 water temps.  They can live and survive at below zero water temps and hot water temporarily as our Arizona waters have gotten in the high 80’s, lower 90’s in the Summer, but again, this is only temporary, so as the temps drop, the growing season begins and production booms.    Sturgeon are also heavy oxygen consumers, and rely heavily on good aeration!  Some sturgeon are sold to other fish farmers, and the majority are kept to grow out stages at two years for other markets, and at seven to eight years for the caviar trade.

Our juvenile sturgeon are sold wholesale to qualified dealers, zoos & farms, and at discounted pricing to the pet industry.   These are ready to grow in large ponds, ornamental ponds and large aquariums. At this age, we would suggest supplement feeding your sturgeon freeze-dried bloodworms only, nothing else, and very slowly sneak in some pellets as they get older, but they will not eat pellets very well until they are about 2 yrs old. Allow them to forage on natural occurring foods.

There is a great deal of work that goes into the permits, farming, collecting & shipping of these very rare and special fish.  Please understand that we strive to get our sturgeon orders shipped asap. We are one of the last resources of farmed sturgeon left in the US. Please be patient and you will get your fish. If you cannot wait, then please DO NOT ORDER THEM.  We only ship sturgeon once per month and only have a limited number of these fish to offer each month.  You can have an extended wait, but everyone that orders sturgeon will get theirs. Lastly, your order does not ship as soon as you click the order button. Please read our SHIPPING INFO tab located at the bottom of any page on our site. Again, PLEASE BE PATIENT!  Thank you!

Permit Requirement Notice: It is your sole responsibility as a customer before you make your purchase to check State & Federal laws to be sure you are in compliance to bring sturgeon into your state.  Some states may require a permit for transport of sturgeon into your state for just a small $20 +/- fee, many states do not have any restrictions though.  You are always better off following simple guidelines of your state’s requirement than to go around them and take a shortcut. This applies to zoological societies as well. Some states are more strict than others such as ID, MI, CA, & HI, other states have no special requirement.



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White or Acipenser transmontanus, Russian Black Diamond Sturgeon

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