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Zoo Med Aquarium AQUA COOL Fan



Low voltage (12V) for maximum safety when used near a wet environment. Better than overhead fans: Side-mounted fan assembly to minimize water splash on the motor and to prevent accidental immersion. Multi directional discharge nozzle for precise air flow focus. Fully adjustable, wide discharge nozzle for maximum cooling due to increased air/ water contact.

Cools aquarium by one of the following methods: Direct the nozzle upwards toward the aquarium lamp fixture to dissipate some of the radiant heat generated by your aquarium lamps. Direct the nozzle so that air flows over the surface of the water. This will reduce the water temperature through increased evaporated cooling.

FARM TIPS FROM AZGARDENS: Okay from a fish farmer’s perspective this fan rocks! Arizona Aquatic Gardens has been teaching and promoting the idea of increasing evaporation of our aquarium’s water by using small computer or clip-on fans or similar clipped to tanks edge or mounted in canopies because we WANT to add as much FRESHwater to our tanks every single week! We DO NOT want a tank with a lid on it or to be closed off. If you are worried about your fish jumping out, it is rare, but potentially a possibility. Even in our own farm’s husbandry building where there are 100’s of open topped aquariums with fish species ranging all over the world, it is rare to see any jumpers dead on the floor. This little unit is EXACTLY what everyone needs to increase beneficial evaporation! The manufacturer’s description above is accurate. Although they are using this fan to promote cooling your tank’s water, this unit offers so much more by increasing your tank’s evaporation and allowing you to add more freshwater each week! Your fish want that and so do your plants. This is healthier and saves your beneficial microbes from being wasted from doing too many frequent water changes. You’ve got to allow the microbes to live within your biotope and do their job. This is all part of the Arizona Aquatic Gardens method and strategy we’ve used and practiced for decades. You’re another step closer to being more successful in this hobby with this little unit! It will absolutely help! Couple more tips: never use Hot side or “blended hot” with cold when adding water to aquaria as you could potentially introduce Copper into your water which is toxic for all crustaceans and harmful to most aquatic plants. Just use the cold side or spigot from outside and use a drinking water safe hose to top off your tank. If you are growing an organic chemical-free tank, you will always add your beneficial microbial bacteria each month to naturally keep your tank balanced. If you have not already seeded a healthy dose of beneficial microbes into your tank for a while, start by adding your beneficial bacteria each week for 8 weeks, then just 1 (one) time per month thereafter, ALWAYS. If you have an algae outbreak, or a suspected fish issue, increase your bacteria load. You cannot overdose with too many beneficial microbes! There are many brands of Beneficial Microbial Bacteria offered on our site. Aquagold powder and a liquid bacteria of your choice together work miracles. Change up your liquid bacteria brands so you introduce more strains. Try this link to see some of the choices we offer BACTERIA LINK.   The powder we sell has 600 billion cfu per gram.   This fan assembles in a minute, clips on the side of the tank and ideally you would plug this into the same timer as your lights so when your lights are on, we are increasing the airflow, just another way to mimic nature indoors.  Hope this helps! Stay Safe!


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