About Us

Arizona Aquatic Gardens is one of the leading suppliers in the U.S.A. of farm-raised freshwater tropical fish, saltwater & marine fish, aquatic plants for ponds & aquariums, as well as high quality Koi & Gamefish, including Tilapia for Aquaponics & Ponds. We are a niche business for algae eating animals as well offering Rare Algae Eating Fish, Algae Eating Snails & Shrimp! You can find all of your aquarium supplies & pond supplies here too! We are advocates of natural solutions first for water quality issues, opposed to harmful chemical treatments. Arizona Aquatic Nurseries also offers aquatic plants for wetlands restoration projects, lake & pond management projects, algae control consulting as well as natural mosquito control through the use of Mosquito fish. Our family ran company is proud to be one of the largest leading suppliers of aquatic plants, hand-fed, farm-raised tropical fish & algae eating shrimp in the industry, and now you can buy direct from America’s leading aquatic discount company right here, right now!

Big or small, we can help you achieve the results you’ve been searching for. We welcome you to our company. You’re in good hands now!

You are now one step closer to correctly building a Breathtaking Natural Aquatic Project!

We can help! WE ARE THE ALGAE SOLUTION EXPERTS since 1987!.

Turn your aquarium from ordinary to the extraordinary! Whether it’s your pond or aquarium, our expertise in the horticultural development & design industry will guide you with a successful project!

You CAN build a breathtaking aquarium or pond! Learn how… Whether it’s indoors or out, you just found the right place to start! Isn’t it time for a nice change? Let us help you build that masterpiece aquarium today!

The World’s Best Mosquito Eating Fish! You CAN Control Mosquito Re population Naturally!

The GREEN way to stay on top of mosquito outbreaks in Ponds, Swimming Pools, Golf Courses, Etc! Naturally combat the Zika Virus or West Nile Virus through the use of mosquito fish!  At Arizona Aquatic Gardens you can use Natural, Biological Mosquito Control through use of Mosquito Fish! Learn More right here at our site….CLICK HERE

RECYCLE/RE-USE STATISTICS FOR AAG Nurseries- In 2017 our company recycled & reused approximately 10 tons of corrugated cardboard to ship our customer’s orders, which saved 170 trees from being cut down to make pulp, which also saved 70,000 gallons of water, 110 barrels of oil, and saved more than 30 cubic yards of landfill space! Now, more than ever, we all need to be GREEN!