Howdy Friends! Our family’s farm is indeed shipping Livestock & Plants proactively! Please read our Shipping Schedule for details. Order a box of happiness Today! We’re here to take loving care of your orders! ❤️


Losing fish or any living organism is never good, however, it is a part of the risk involved when shipping any livestock from anyone. In the unfortunate event you have a loss of one of our live goods, please use the form below to file your loss. PLEASE DO NOT CALL TO REPORT A LOSS. We require a picture because we cannot go by verbal reports. Please report your deceased items immediately upon arrival (within 4 hours of receiving your shipment is acceptable), DOA livestock must be in our bag clearly Dead. No pictures of DOA products in a customer’s aquarium or habitat will be accepted. Once we determine you have a valid credit, we will provide a 1-time courtesy in-house credit for your qualified loss that can be used toward a future purchase with our farm. Losses on secondary replacement shipments will not be credited twice. NO cash refunds on losses or credits to cards will be given on live good losses. Animal loss pictures MUST be CLEAR, not blurry or questionable. Fuzzy or blurred pictured will not be accepted. DO NOT delay your pics because you think we are closed. Your submission of our Loss Form will be date stamped when you send it to us.  AGAIN, YOU WILL NOT GET CASH BACK OR CREDIT TO YOUR CREDIT CARD FOR LOSSES OF PERISHABLE ITEMS.  We will put a credit on your in-house account for all qualifying credits. Simply use your last name as a redemption code at checkout on your next order with our farm!
We offer our “live arrival guarantee” only when you choose our “FASTEST!” shipping option at checkout. We are not responsible for losses resulted in the customer not being home to accept their delivery. If you are ordering goods from our company, you must be on alert that something is coming. Please do not order and then go on vacation. It is also your responsibility to properly acclimate your new aquatic life, and make sure your tank has all of the appropriate water parameters and environmental requirements the particular species needs to thrive. We suggest acclimating your new arrivals with the lights off your aquarium for at least 12 to max 24 hours. It will help reduce stress. DOA’s that occur after your animals are installed in your water are not covered under our warranty as it is your responsibility to keep your items alive. Once in a while we will get a customer that thinks we offer a lifetime warranty on a plant or fish, this is NOT the case. We ship living, healthy, viable products from our organic farm. Once you get a delivery you must keep them alive. If you are “short” a live animal  in a bag, please read the bottom of your packing slip as there may be a mention of items coming the following week… We accept no claims for “not as described” or “plant died” chargebacks because you were unable to care for them properly. Perhaps a leaf is bruised on a plant in shipping, or a fin is damaged on a fish, perhaps even a claw missing from a lobster? This does not constitute a loss, claim or credit. Claws, fins, and leaves are no more life threatening than you losing a fingernail. They grow back.  This is one of the main reasons why we make sure you agree to our terms before checkout so there is NO question on either end. We do not and cannot accept returns on any live animal orders. We are not responsible for losses that occur due to incompatibility of your fish or shrimp. Our limits of liability are for the value of the item shipped and nothing more. We are not responsible for losses due to delays by the carrier such as damage from heat, cold, breakage, weather, riots, war, or your inability to get an email from the carrier. These losses are the sole responsibility of the carrier only. Most claims that are weather related are considered an “Act of God” and will typically be denied by most any carrier. Please understand that NO carrier offers a money-back guarantee for service failures or delays if your package has live animals included in the package, so please do not request your money back if your package is delivered late. The only claim we can file is if your box is not delivered or lost. ALL International shipments are shipped at the customers risk. There are too many possibilities of delays due to customs, etc. Once the shipment leaves our farm, we cannot control it’s whereabouts, especially if it is going outside of the USA.  We offer one of the easiest and best live good warranties in the industry. Please understand these terms before you order as by placing any order with our company you are hereby agreeing and understanding these terms completely. We are a decent, small, family-owned company and have put these guidelines in force because we have heard just about every story imaginable, and we had to make strict guidelines for our customers to follow, so that we could operate our business efficiently, and you cannot finalize your order without accepting these terms. Agreeing to these terms voids your right to any chargeback or dispute.

How to Redeem your In-house credit?”

If you ever have a credit due back for a loss(es) reported on a previous order, your coupon code will always be your last name with 1st letter being Capitalized and NO PUNCTUATION. For example if your last name is O’Leary, your coupon code would be: Oleary


Use this form to report losses of items delivered. Must be sent within 4 hours of your delivery. Photo pics are necessary to qualify for credit. Please only 1 pic per loss. No opinions. Pic must be clear. Blurry or questionable photos will not be accepted. Best picture method is to put deceased item ON the bag your item came in, including the item’s tag # to capture photo. Qualified credits will be posted to your in-house account as soon as we can. usually within 1 week. This credit is in-house only! So, you can use your credit on your next purchase by using your last name as a redemption code. In the event your credit does not seem to be coming off your new order, please make a comment about it at checkout, and we will investigate/ correct any credits that may be due. Thank you